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Metta Foundation is a social organization registered under (u/s 19 of the Mumbai Public Trust Act,1980).
We have been working since 2013 on education, empowerment and awareness of tribal kids and underpriviledged children of our society.


Our Vision and Mission

Every child is a born star but unfortunately in order to shine in this world they need proper tools, resources which help them to spread their inner shine outside. While working in tribal area we observed that even today the importance of education is not understood by tribal community. The focus is on earning livelihood which they earn from farming, working as housemaids,gardner etc. Sending kids regularly to school is still not on their priority list. Community belief system created many divided families and kids are the one most affected. It was shocking to us when we learnt that even a standard 7th students has difficulty reading Marathi alphabets. Majority of kids are 9th std dropout.Poverty, lack of guidance and resources, belief system are few things which caused them to remain below poverty line.

Parents enroll kids directly in 1st standard. Till that time children don’t get any exposure to pre-primary/nursery etc. When such kids joins school it becomes difficult for him/her to confine in room for 4-5 hrs … teachers focus remain on completing 1st std syllabus which expects students to have basic alphabet knowledge which they completely lack. From this point they start lagging behind in academics which continues further. We have set up pre-primary centre in this tribal area to address this issue which is fundamental in kid's growth.

Students need guidance, support, motivation and continuous mentoring as there is complete lack of same on family front. 

Overall lack to take efforts to study mainly because not enough motivation due to surrounding where they don’t see anyone doing good due to studying. 


We believe that if proper resources, guidance and opportunities are provided they can excel in life…….. We believe tht ‘KNOWLEDGE’ is the source of wisdom for all different avenues of life……'EDUCATION' and ‘BOOKS’ are one of the most powerful source of knowledge…

All our projects aim for holistic development of kids who are tomorrow's adult. Change in their mindset will bring change in community in future.

Education is our greatest oppurtunity to give an irrevocable gift to the next generation 

What is METTA ?

“METTA”  a Pali word meaning loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, amity, concord, inoffensiveness and non-violence.


Through metta one refuses to be offensive and renounces bitterness, resentment and animosity of every kind, developing instead a mind of friendliness, accommodativeness and benevolence which seeks the well-being and happiness of others.


It evokes within a warm-hearted feeling of fellowship, sympathy and love, which grows boundless with practice

and overcomes all social, religious, racial, political and economic barriers.


Metta is indeed a universal, unselfish and all-embracing love.


With this philosophy in mind, foundation is working towards welfare of those in need.


We thank almighty for showing us the path of Selfless service & offered an opportunity to walk on it…..


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