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Meet Our Team

Anushka Kapse

Founder and Managing Trustee

Anushka Kapse, the founder and working trustee of our organization, brings a diverse background and deep commitment to social and spiritual development. With a foundation in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering, she also serves as a director at a Fire and Security consulting business. However, her true passion lies in the service of underprivileged and tribal children, which she has dedicated herself to through the 'Metta Foundation' for the past decade. Anushka's qualifications extend beyond academia, as she holds certifications in child and adolescent counseling, a diploma in Neuropsychology, and training in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). She also utilizes spiritual therapies, including techniques such as past life regression and intuitive Akashik Records reading, to facilitate transformation and transcendence in individuals. Her guiding principle, "अप्प दीपों भव - Be a Light unto yourself," reflects her belief in empowering others to discover their inner light and potential. As a devoted disciple of her Himalayan Guru, Anushka finds solace and inspiration through regular meditation practice. Beyond her philanthropic endeavors, she finds joy in travel, music, and the simple pleasure of "doing nothing." An accomplished author, Anushka has penned two books that delve into spiritual exploration and self-discovery. Her first book, "Droplets-known," offers insightful wisdom through relatable anecdotes, encouraging readers to explore their existence beyond the physical realm. Translated into Marathi as "Tipus," it has reached a wider audience. Her second book, "The Land of Nothing," creatively explores the concept of self-worth through an engaging narrative, inviting readers on a journey of personal growth and realization. Through her multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication, Anushka Kapse continues to illuminate paths of enlightenment and self-discovery for all those she touches.


Vinod Kapse


With an educational background in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Kapse boasts over two decades of industry expertise. He honed his skills at different companies and later within International Organizations, immersing himself in top-tier international Design, Engineering, and Project Management practices, particularly in Building Automation, Fire Protection, and Security. Mr. Kapse serves as the financial pillar backing our initiatives with monetary resources. Beyond his financial role, he excels as a wildlife photographer, strategist, and adept in people management and effective communication—a crucial combination for sustaining social causes with proper financial backing.


Swapnali Sorte

Program Head


Maruti Sabane

Student Relation and Sports


Dipti Satra



Bhavika Satra

Primary Academics


Sunita Dayat

Center Co-ordinator


Sadhana Belkar

Pre-primary Teacher

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