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Our Social Projects

Pre-Primary Centre

The period of early childhood (2-6 years) is referred to as pre-school age because at this age the child is learning skills that will help him to do tasks associated with schooling. During these years, strong foundations of the child‘s personality and cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development are laid. At preschool age, the child learns pre-reading and pre-writing skills necessary for further schooling. He learns about numbers, colors, and shapes and understands the reasons for everyday events. Our center aims to provide maximum resources to kids in this age group so that they become prepared for further schooling. 

The Centre is equipped with a variety of educational toys, and story books and education is provided in play way method. Through various activities, the center aims to offer holistic development for little ones.


Academic Financial Scholarship

We provide financial assistance to academically inclined girl/boy children from tribal schools/economically weak sections, to enable her/him to continue secondary & higher Secondary school education. Each selected child is given school fees, books, stationery, uniform, and conveyance to reach school. A test in maths, science, Marathi, and English language is conducted, and based on the score & student's willingness to study, a scholarship is offered. Our 'Ek Disha' scholarship is for students from economically weak backgrounds who wish to learn higher education. We provide college fees, textbooks, and notebooks to continue further education. Student's academic record is closely monitored and extra help is offered such as subject tuition.

Every year we are trying to reach more deserving students and help them shape their careers. In this regard, we have developed APP 'Ek Disha'. Through this APP any student can Apply for a scholarship to complete his higher education. 

Library In Every Class

Doors of wonderful world of books should be open to every child…Kids learn fast through story books, activity books etc…Schools where students have to share classrooms due to lack of infrastructure, Library room becomes a far reached dream…

Our Library bag is easy to carry & can be installed on any wall of classroom. It can hold 50-100 books…

We provide a small library in every class of school so that kids has easy access to books & can develop reading habit at early stage of life….The books are age or reading level appropriate…..

More than 7000 books are given in various schools from rural and tribal area of Maharashtra. 

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Extra-Academic Support

The students belong to the tribal warli community that comes to the center from nearby Pada's (small cluster of houses). Our dedicated teachers and volunteers conduct evening classes to offer extra academic support to students. Digital E-class helps students to understand subjects easily through audio-video learning. We conduct a 'Basic English Learning' program using Phonics and audio-visual tools. We are also closely associated with local tribal schools. In order to maintain students' interest in studies, various workshops like Eco-friendly Ganesha making, Quilling art, Greetings Card making, Rakhi making, Rangoli art, and Warli Art are conducted at the center/school at regular intervals. Children's Day celebrations, and various competitions like Handwriting, Rhyme, storytelling, singing, poem recital, and drawing are arranged to encourage kids in different skills. Our Annual Day and Sports Day are the sought-after events that focus on bringing out students' talents.


We all know the benefits of Yoga and Meditation. In the last few years, it has become an integral part of many people's life. However, it has not yet reached to underprivileged and tribal society. Some do know but they don't have access or money to learn it in an authentic way. We are glad that our dedicated Yoga Teachers and volunteers are committed to our cause of uplifting the life of the underprivileged section of society through Yoga thus empowering them to lead a more fulfilling life. We conduct regular classes and workshops in schools, society club houses for children and women.

Yoga and Meditation



Swayamsiddha means Independent...After providing necessary skill through workshop and then continuous practice on skill, we encourage women/girls to make salable products.These are then sold in exhibitions thus helping them earn.We aim to assist School dropouts and women to become financially independent.

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