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Our Social Projects

Pre-Primary Centre

The early childhood period, spanning from ages 2 to 6, is often referred to as the preschool age because it's during this time that children acquire skills essential for their future schooling. These formative years are critical for laying the groundwork of a child's personality and fostering their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. At this stage, children begin to grasp pre-reading and pre-writing skills necessary for academic success. They explore concepts such as numbers, colors, and shapes, while also gaining an understanding of the reasons behind everyday occurrences.

Our center is dedicated to maximizing resources for children in this age group, ensuring they are well-prepared for their educational journey ahead. Equipped with a diverse range of educational toys and storybooks, we employ a play-based approach to learning. Through engaging activities and interactive experiences, our center fosters holistic development in young children, nurturing their growth across all domains. We believe that by providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, we can empower children to thrive and excel as they embark on their educational endeavors.


Academic Financial Scholarship

We extend financial support to academically promising boys and girls from tribal schools and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, ensuring they can pursue secondary and higher secondary education without financial barriers. Each selected student receives comprehensive assistance, including school fees, textbooks, stationery, uniforms, and transportation to facilitate their attendance. Our 'Ek Disha' scholarship program specifically targets economically challenged students aspiring for higher education. We cover college fees, provide essential textbooks, notebooks, and offer additional support such as subject tuition to ensure their success.

We closely monitor the academic progress of scholarship recipients and provide ongoing assistance to help them excel. Every year, we strive to expand our reach to more deserving students, empowering them to shape their futures and pursue their career aspirations.

In our commitment to accessibility and efficiency, we have developed the 'Ek Disha' mobile application. This platform allows any student to easily apply for a scholarship to pursue higher education, streamlining the process and ensuring equal opportunities for all aspiring scholars.

Library In Every Class

Every child deserves access to the enchanting realm of books. Children absorb knowledge swiftly through stories and engaging activities. In schools where classrooms are shared due to infrastructure constraints, the dream of a library room often remains out of reach.

Enter our innovative Library Bag – designed for easy transport and installation on any classroom wall. Each bag accommodates 50-75 books, essentially creating a miniature library within every classroom. This initiative ensures that children have convenient access to books, fostering a love for reading from an early age. With over 11000+ books already distributed, we're making strides in cultivating a reading culture among young learners.

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Extra-Academic Support

Our students hail from the tribal Warli community, commuting from nearby Pada's, small clusters of houses. In our commitment to their educational advancement, our dedicated team of teachers and volunteers conducts evening classes to provide additional academic support. Leveraging the power of digital technology, our E-classroom supplements traditional learning with audio-visual resources, facilitating a deeper understanding of subjects.

Recognizing the importance of English proficiency, we offer a 'Basic English Learning' program utilizing phonics and interactive audio-visual tools. Furthermore, we maintain close ties with local tribal schools to ensure a seamless educational journey for our students.

To foster a love for learning and maintain students' engagement, we organize a variety of workshops ranging from eco-friendly Ganesha making to traditional Warli art. These hands-on activities not only enrich their educational experience but also promote cultural appreciation and creativity.

Throughout the year, we host a series of events and competitions, including Children's Day celebrations, storytelling sessions, singing competitions, and drawing contests. Our Annual Day and Sports Day festivities are highly anticipated, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and celebrate their achievements.

Through these holistic initiatives, we strive to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment where every child can thrive academically, creatively, and socially.


Yoga and meditation have become widely recognized for their numerous benefits, yet access to these practices remains limited in underprivileged and tribal communities. Many individuals in these groups are aware of the benefits but lack the resources or means to learn and practice yoga authentically.

We are proud to have dedicated yoga teachers and volunteers who are passionately committed to our mission of bringing the transformative power of yoga to underprivileged communities. Through regular classes and workshops held in schools and community clubhouses, we aim to empower children and women with the tools to lead more fulfilling lives.

By providing access to yoga and meditation, we strive to improve physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life for individuals in underserved communities. Our efforts are geared towards promoting holistic empowerment and fostering a sense of balance, resilience, and inner peace among those who need it most.

Yoga and Meditation



"Swayamsiddha," meaning independent, encapsulates our mission to empower women and girls to achieve self-sufficiency. Through our workshops, we equip them with essential skills, which they then hone through continuous practice. Encouraged to apply these skills in crafting marketable products, we facilitate opportunities for them to showcase and sell their creations in exhibitions.

Our goal is twofold: to support school dropouts and women in gaining financial independence. By providing the tools and resources necessary for skill development and entrepreneurship, we strive to break the cycle of economic dependence and empower women to take control of their livelihoods. Through the "Swayamsiddha" initiative, we envision a future where every woman has the opportunity to thrive and achieve her full potential.

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